Nordstrom Rack Glendale Fashion Center in GlendaleDepartment Store

227 N Glendale Ave, Glendale, CA 91206, USA


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  • Nordstrom Rack Glendale Fashion Center in GlendaleDepartment Store
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Reviews (616)

4.1 out of 5.0
Service 4.1
Value for Money 4.1
Location 4.1
Cleanliness 4.1
  • Bobby Hovseppn
    Bobby Hovseppn

    Great products great prices bus direction can get. Clearance sale has amazing deals. Just take the time to go through

  • Lewis Pearson
    Lewis Pearson

    I love Nordstrom Rack for their quality merchandise with discounted price. The extra 25% mark down week was indeed an extra bonus.

  • Eddie Samuel
    Eddie Samuel

    Good but needs to have more staff to attend. However, maybe due to being late night on Monday labor day could be the reason,

  • Guadulesa Rivera
    Guadulesa Rivera

    Fantastic staff at counter - efficient and helpful

  • Ethan Molina
    Ethan Molina

    The service here is amazing, and the selections of shoes are amazing as well, there is so much stuff you can choose from and it?s usually a lot cheaper than the regular Nordstrom store. I would definitely recommend to come if you have a baby shower or formal event to attend that is a little bit more dressy. It is also in a really nice plaza where there is a lot more options too. My favorite thing about the store is the accessories that they have I really like the hats and a lot of the belts that they have, as well as a wide selection of shoes. They also have make up brushes, and food here that are really good healthy snacks, and you can also give somebody a gift card here from Nordstrom rack.

  • Col Gate
    Col Gate

    Service was great especially the way the whole store was set up. The social distancing guidelines were outstanding. Staff was friendly.

  • Arpi Musaderyan
    Arpi Musaderyan

    I am extremely disappointed at the service provider at this specific nordstrom rack. I recently returned Valentino boots (which were a decent price) and later changed my mind right after wanting it back because I figured it would fit my daughter since it didn?t fit me. about 5 minutes after returning the boots, I went back to the same cashier asking if I can buy the boots again and she said that it was no longer there and that a customer had already bought them, mind you this is literally 5 minutes after purchasing the shoe. I went and spoke with the manager and she said that she had took the shoes to the back in order to re-evaluate and process the shoes for 24 hours, making sure that there was nothing wrong with it and said that all the shoes, including the Valentino boots would be placed out in the store in the designer shoe section. This morning, I woke up 9 AM specifically to go and find the boots so no one would get it before me since I got it for a great deal. I go today and I see that the shoe isn?t there. Very frustrated, I go and talk to the same manager and what does she tel me?! She says that they had SENT THE SHOE TO ANOTHER STORE. I?m not going to name any names. However, why would you get my hopes up and tell me that the shoe is going to be back out in the shoe section when you?ve sent it to another store. That is completely unprofessional and I definitely expected more from this store. I?m not going to shop at this store any longer and they?ve truly lost a very loyal customer.

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  • Tuesday 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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